7th International Light-Simposium 2007 Budapest

Hungarian Academy of Arts
Budapest 1034 Kecske utca 25
from 25th to 28th of october


Table of content:

The guests were welcomed by: Csáji, Attila
The conference was opened by: Makovecz, Imre

Timetable of the 7th international Ligh-Art Symposium

Selection out of the given speeches:

  1. Beke, László: Elméleti megfontolások a fényről
  2. Carlo Bernardini: Permeable Space
  3. Bolygó, Bálint: About his works
  4. Bortnyik, Éva and Tubák, Csaba: About their works
  5. Dianne Harris: A Tiny Point of Light
  6. Michael Bleyenberg: My artistic strategy
  7. Frithioff Johansen: Holography, laser installations, colour projection
  8. Helge Krarup: Thorbjørn Lausten, Denmark - Light, space, energy
  9. Kuchta, Klára: Energetic space and sign. Light installation: RED - BLEU (IR-UV)
  10. Mengyán, András: Visual space polyphony
  11. Orosz, István: The Calculated Raven - The Philosophy of Composition?
  12. John Powell: Led’s use in multi-colored works of art in light
  13. Seth Riskin: Light dance
  14. Julie Tolmie: Mathematical Light, Sound and Interaction
  15. Wallicky, Tamás: Marionettes
  16. Zielinski, Tibor: Compressed  spaces – postmodern followed by „baroque”