Julie Tolmie

Micro-level Mathematical Light, Sound and Interaction

One of the most interesting challenges to contemporary real-time computer-based performance is the simultaneous composition of sound, image and interaction at the micro-level. Approaches across three different environments will be presented: the abstract, but physically modelled, visual objects as graphical data structures for real-time interaction between a musician and an audio synthesis created in Pure data by chdh (http://www.chdh.free.fr) the high-end multiple screen abstract 3D ‘spreads’ of vvvv created by sanchtv (http://sanchtv.com/); and the light and sound gameplay-like mappings in the extensive multiscale interactive situations of Time’s Up (http://timesup.org). A mathematical visualisation and its forced reconceptualisation within the constraints of such a system is then shown and the potential for collaboration with light and sound artists in a systematic study or re-implementation of pioneering works in light sound and colour is canvassed.

King’s College London