Seth Riskin

Light Dance

The artist begins by tracing the origin and inspiration of the Light Dance art form through personal experiences as an identical twin, an accomplished gymnast and a graduate student at M.I.T. A transposition of the “dance”, from the body to the shared space of the performance through the medium of light, describes the essence of the artistic effect. The work is then set in historical and philosophical context: examples drawn from art, science and religion show light as a primary vehicle in the human pursuits of knowledge, communication and the transcendence of material limitations. The talk then considers the artistic and cultural significance of emerging light-base technologies, with an overview of recent developments and directions at M. I. T.



Seth Riskin is an artist, researcher and teacher of light. A former U. S. national champion gymnast, Riskin brings his physical ability to his Light Dance art. In silent, space-defining performances, Riskin’s precise movements articulate light effects that extend from his body. He “sculpts” space, shaping fluid architectures of light around viewers who find themselves within the “dance”. The work has been presented widely, at venues such as the São Paulo Bienal, The Kitchen in New York City and India’s National Centre for the Performing Arts in Bombay. - 4k -

Works by Seth Riskin