Michael Bleyenberg

Painter, holographer, Cologne

Capturing the light or Building with light - could be the caption to my artistic endevour.
I followed the traditional fine artist’s career path in the beginning. At a certain stage, a new kind of door opened with a very special light shining through.
(Trained as a painter) I started to replace brushes and canvas with lasers and computers ever since.
Mostly I use light foils embedded between glass and mirrors, which, as a result of light refraction - comparable to a prism - ,create a light and colour play specifically designed for my objects and applications.
My light technique is a unique way to combine and discuss two prevailing „field forces“ in art as well as in architecture: light and space! Thus I focus on building applications like light facades or light sculptures that form an interplay with the exterior or/and interior environment.
The light images are marked by my search for an autonomous form which allows me to create new order structures. I have developed my own individual style in the use of light, colours and abstract structures. My artistic strategy is characterised by a deconstructivist approach: the spaces of light do not represent a renunciation of the euclidian ideas of space, they are rather meant to restructure the space.
They offer potential spaces where every movement creates a new perspective, and they always leave you with the vague feeling that you have not been able to see everything.
They become projection screens for potential meanings.
Building with light means to handle light in e sense of architecture, - applications to buildings or environmental sculptures.

Eyefire 1.