Frithioff Johansen

Holography, laser installations, colour projection

Aknowledging his debt to the age-old traditions of art - science and technology have provided one of the main sources of inspiration for Frithioff Johansen’s work for many years. In the eighties he was guest artist at the physics Laboratory at the Technical University of Denmark working with lasers and holography. He has taken courses in holography at Richmond Holographic Studies in England. He is holder of scholarship to the Dennis Gabor Laboratory at the Museum of Holography, New York 1987 and scholarship at the Media Academy in Cologne, Germany 2004. He has received Holography Award 1992 from Shearwater Foundation, USA. In 2004 he received the lifelong grant from The Danish Arts Foundation.
His lecture will express his attitude to new visual media and go through some of his works with light i.e. holography, laser installations, installations with projected colours and the patented concept of image generating through interference

Frithioff Johansen born 1939 in Copenhagen Denmark                  Web:


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