VIII. International Light Symposium

Pécs, House of Arts
Opening of the exhibition: 28. 07. 2010.
followed by lectures and motion picture presentations on the 29th to 31th of July

Conference and Accompanying Events

The International Kepes Society organizes light symposiums since 1993 in memory of the late György Kepes.
Kepes established the first research center in the world at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge (USA), which has served the creative collaboration of artists and scientists. This year we have selected the town Pécs to organize the VIII. International Light Symposium, since it has an outstanding fine art tradition and Pécs hosts various programs as the Cultural Capital of Europe 2010. Our aim is to provide a forum for the new tendencies and new results derived form the collaboration of arts and sciences, especially to light art. In the last two decades light has played an important roll in visual culture. We intend to display the environment forming possibilities of light, and the application of the various characteristics and occurrences of light. With the support of our symposiums and publications we intend to overview this notion, in which the artists take into possession and humanize the opto-electronic devices such as: laser, holography, fiber optic, scanners governed by electronic, and the phenomenon of fluorescence. We would like to provide support for others to participate in this movement as well. Artists and scientists from more than twelve (12) countries will attend the event to share their ideas extending and deepening their knowledge in this especially actual field of visual expression.

Helge Krarup: "Light in Hungary" - about the 8th Lihgt symposium, International Kepes Society, Pécs, july 2010

Helge Krarup: "LIS I UNGARN" (Light in Hungary), KUNSTMAGASINET JANUS (Danish)